Laminate & Vinyl Flooring Sales, West Palm Beach



Whether you have an active family or are trying to find flooring that is easy to maintain, laminate flooring can fit many flooring needs. For those wondering what a true Laminate Floor is, let us help! It’s really a combination of special resin paper layers, fiber core and a print film that are all fused together into a solid mass. Due to the structural make up, Laminate Flooring will not stain or fade from sunlight and is extremely impact resistant. Additionally, it offers a glueless locking system for a no mess installation, and a wide assortment of colors and patterns.

Bargain Bob’s Flooring carries the finest in Laminate options, which can be placed over virtually any surface other than carpet. Laminate can be placed over existing ceramic tile, existing VAT (Vinyl Asbestos Tile) or anything you might have down that you aren’t currently satisfied with. Whether you prefer the rich looking ceramic tile appearance or the beauty of hardwood, Bargain Bob’s Flooring has the Laminate that is right for you!


At Bargain Bob’s Flooring, we are happy to offer everything from base grade vinyl to the latest and greatest in Luxury Vinyl Tile Options. Duraceramic and Adura are two classifications in the Luxury Vinyl Tile category that have taken off very well. These tiles, made to look like ceramic or wood, are vinyl with a backer board. They can be grouted, or un-grouted and sealed to provide a ceramic look at a lower cost with more durability. They can also be staggered, and with realistic knots and scraping, it looks just like a heavy duty wood floor. Resilient floors are capable of installation over many existing surfaces and are also easy to clean and resist stains better than most other floors. Simply sweep and damp mop from time to time to keep them looking new.

Whether you want stone looking Vinyl, Tile looking Vinyl, Wood looking Vinyl, or any of the hundreds of choices we offer, Bargain Bob’s Flooring is happy to help with any of your needs!